Episode 26 Recap: Luke Kornet

Vanderbilt legend Luke Kornet joined the pod to discuss growing 7-inches in 2 years, AAU with Myles Turner, adjusting to the growth spurt, his career in Nashville, signing a two-way contract with the Knicks, and his impressions of Coach Stackhouse.

On episode 26 of The Dore Report, Billy Derrick, joined by Jackson Tolk and Will Byrum, discussed the news of Romello White heading to Ole Miss. Although this news upset Vandy fans, this was the path that seemed most fitting to White and his future.

Furthermore, David Grace, the team’s top recruiter, and Ricardo Patton, the senior adviser for Stackhouse are out! This was another big blow for Vanderbilt fans. There is a lot of speculation as to why they are gone, but amid their absence, the future is still bright under Coach Stack.

News broke last week from The Vanderbilt Hustler, by Grace Lee, that the university is looking to have students return to campus this fall! They have created a four phase plan to reopen in Nashville. Although this is good news, it is still only speculation at this point.

Wrapping up the first portion of The Dore Report, Billy was later joined by the 7’1” center of the Chicago Bulls, Luke Kornet! Fun fact: He is actually a little over 7’2” when wearing shoes. Kornet talks about his insane growth spurt, the impact his dad had on him playing basketball, and signing with the Knicks. He also taps into Vanderbilt memories, and says he is excited for the program under Coach Stackhouse, and will be rooting for them this season. Yes, there will be basketball this year.




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