James Franklin Tweets at Commodore Nation

James Franklin is by far the winningest coach on West End and showed the rest of the country it can be done at a private institution like Vanderbilt. He was the head coach in Nashville for 3 seasons and lead the Commodores to an overall 24-18 record while appearing in three bowl games.

Before leaving for Penn State, his dream job, Franklin had Vanderbilt Football at its peak, going 9-4 in back to back seasons and having the entire fan base behind his team. Meanwhile, this is not the case at all in Coach Mason‘s 7th campaign coming this Fall.

In a quite surprise to Vanderbilt fans, Coach Franklin recently took to Twitter by replying to The Dore Report‘s post looking back at the 2013 Georgia win.

Major shoutout to @VU365 for squeezing that out of Coach Franklin.

The former Vandy coach had more than just a simple thank you letter to Vandy fans. Franklin also commented on Candice Lee being promoted to the Athletic Director.

No matter how you may feel about Franklin leaving Vanderbilt in the midst of a rape scandal, he should be recognized for this kind gesture towards Commodore Nation. He didn’t have to take the time out of his day to tweet about his old school, but he did anyway.

Vanderbilt obviously holds a big spot in Coach Franklin’s life as a person and a coach. It was nice catching up with ole Jimmy Frank on Twitter and Commodore nations wishes him the best in the future with Penn State!


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