Episode 27 Recap: Rhett Wiseman Joins The Pod

On episode 27 of The Dore Report, Billy Derrick and Will Byrum are joined by one of the VandyBoys’ most entertaining players over the years, Rhett Wiseman, as he shares his take on the titans of college baseball.

Before we had the chance to talk to him, the boys discussed the latest news from Vanderbilt athletics.

Candice Lee has been hired as the new athletic director on West End. Fortunately, she has been associated with Vanderbilt athletics for over fifteen years now, so this decision was a no brainer. Lee is actually the first African-American female athletic director in SEC history! With this move, Vandy is definitely changing the game of college athletics. 

Moving on to basketball news, Coach Stackhouse and his staff have contacted sophomore prospect Both Gach. He is a lengthy shooter and something this hoops program desperately needs. He has increased his stats tremendously, with his shooting percentage going from 30% to nearly 50%.

Finally, we are joined by none other than Rhett Wiseman, a VandyBoys fan favorite. He was the 2012 Gatorade Player of the Year in Massachusetts, first team All American, and holds high school records of stolen bases, homeruns, and triples.

In this episode, Wiseman joins the boys for a very enlightening interview. He shares what he is doing to train during the off-season, his time spent playing high school football, and gives all the credit to that specific sport for making him an aggressive player on the baseball diamond. He tops off the interview by explaining the importance of college and how those specific years are considered the most developmental in a person’s life.

Listen to the full interview:


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