SEC Postpones Soccer, Volleyball, and Cross Country

In a release today, the SEC announced that it will postpone the start of volleyball, soccer, and cross country competition through at least August 31st. This will delay exhibition and non-conference games. Read the full statement here

While there was no announcement regarding the sport at the forefront of the minds of most fans, football, this does not seem like a good omen. With the announcement coming from the Big 10 that it will move to a “conference-only” schedule coming just 5 days ago.

I am just glad that the Big 10 made the huge scientific breakthrough that could impact all other conferences: the virus cannot spread between teams in the same conference. While this may come as a shock to some, it clearly is the logic the Big 10 is using to make decisions.

This is not the article to make the case for a college football season, that will be coming later. At this point we can only hope we will see action on the gridiron this fall.


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