AAU Coach of Trevon Thomas Provides Insight on the New Commit

The Dore Report was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with the former AAU coach, Ro Russell, of new Commodore basketball commit Trevon Thomas. We discussed everything from his game on the court to his attitude off the court to him being overlooked by many college recruiting sites.

The following are quotes from Coach Ro Russell, the full audio will be posted at a later date.

How would you describe Trevon’s personality?

“He’s normally reserved, then he has his moments. Once he steps on the basketball court his game, his swag, his energy, and his emotions come out in terms of being vocal….. the court brings the best out of him”

How would you describe Trevon’s game?

“Can make plays at any time in terms of floaters, down hill drives and kicks, pull up jump shots, shooting behind a screen, screen passes, hes about 90% from the free throw line”

“Last year I had a couple of scorers leave, actually a bunch of scorers at the guard and the 4 position, then I needed him to score more…. He changed his role to scoring 20-25 a game and 7.5 assists”

“A Point guard but he keeps the defense honest”

Biggest strength of Trevon’s game?

“Playmaking ability”

“Ability to change direction”

Biggest area to improve?

“Getting stronger”

“He is really athletic, he can catch alley-oops and he can do windmills and dunks and stuff like that”

Why do you think Trevon has been overlooked by some recruiting sites?

“Overlooked him tremendously”

“They just look at the visual, oh he’s 5’11” 160 so therefore he’s not going to be as high a level player based on that alone,  they a lot of times don’t go deeper into it to see the stats, see the matchups, see the performances, see him in the gym at 6 o clock in the morning, on the weekends, and 6 days, 7 days a week.”

Comparable Player to Trevon from the SEC?

“Liken him to Tyler Ulis, 5’11” athletic, and quick and can shoot it and get to spots to create plays for the others”

Coach Russell also provided us with an exclusive scouting video of Trevon Thomas, watch some highlight below

I want to once again than Ro Russell for taking the time to speak with us about Trevon Thomas. You can follow Ro on Twitter @CoachRoRussell


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