Episode 31 Recap: THE BOYS ARE BACK

The boys are back!! Welcome back to episode 31 of The Dore Report where your hosts Billy Derrick and Will Byrum welcome you back by discussing the upcoming football season and the schedule outlook for Vandy. Derek Mason also shares some words on the upcoming football season via an audio clip from his twitter account.

The Vanderbilt Athletic Department has been somewhat silent on the #WeWantToPlay movement, in terms of getting out in the public eye and saying “we want to play football this year.” Despite the silence from the athletics department as a whole, Coach Mason did release a video on Twitter with some encouraging words, stating they are ready to play in 2020. However, spectators may believe the video wasn’t the most convincing way of showing a desire to play.

With that being said, it appears that multiple Vandy players have opted out of playing this season due to their concerns of the coronavirus.

According to Coach Mason, “They are paying attention and listening to what’s going on and making these decisions for themselves,”

Billy and Will conclude the episode by talking about the Coronavirus situation and the issues involved in it. They are praying for more steps in the right direction, which in this case would be the 2020 College Football season actually happening!

Tune in to hear the full podcast:


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