Episode 32 Recap: Adam Sparks Joins The Pod

The Dore Report is back with Episode 32, where the boys are joined by none other than Adam Sparks, Vanderbilt’s beat writer from The Tennessean. In this episode, there is a lot of football talk as Billy and Will discuss the 2020 schedule and the likelihood of a full season.

When speaking of the scheduling, Adam mentions that Vanderbilt has TEN SEC teams staring them right in the face.

“I think it is going to be hard, but there is a pocket with Ole Miss, Missouri, Mississippi State, and even Kentucky who all have new coaches. The teams are going to be awkward and won’t know themselves yet.”

The young Commodores will definitely experience a learning curve but, a win is not out of the equation, Sparks says.

He even comments on Coach Mason who is going to be put in a tough situation with this schedule saying, “I think he’ll be realistic about it. He is going to have to judge things in small pockets…the quarterback is going to have to be poised under pressure.”

This begs the question, who is the starting QB going to be? Coach Mason has three guys battling for the starting QB spot but, from Adam’s perspective, Danny Clark and Ken Seals are the front runners.

After much football talk the boys turn their attention to the renovations that have happened in the practice gym for the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams on West End. Although the renovations were small, they believe this was a big step into the elite level of recruiting among the big dogs of the SEC.

Since Coach Stackhouse is still in his 2nd year, Sparks states that the team needs time to develop. The question becomes, will they be able to perform at the level of top-tier SEC basketball? All that and more is answered in Episode 32 of The Dore Report.



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