Ingram Aircraft Visits Charlotte

by Will Byrum (Twitter @TheWillByrum)

Here we are again. Tracking flights of the Ingram Industries’ plane. It is nice in a year where nothing feels normal to be back obsessively checking flight plans to get an early idea of who Vanderbilt is pursuing to fill a vacant head coaching role.

For all of you with a life, the Ingram family has been a long-time fundraiser and donor to Vanderbilt University. In 2006, John Ingram, the current chairman of Ingram industries, played a key role in an effort to raise $25 million for the athletic programs. This is just one example of the great support provided by the Ingram family as a whole over the last decades.

This brings us to the flight. Sunday at 1:05PM CST, Candace Story Lee Tweeted that Vanderbilt would be parting ways with head coach Derek Mason.

On Sunday November 29th at 11:45AM CST, aircraft N111M, owned by Ingram Industries, departed Nashville International Airport and arrived at Witham Field in Stuart, FL at 3:10PM EST.

The plane then departed from Witham Field at 4:22PM EST and Arrived at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport at 6:42PM EST.

After about an hour, the plane then departs from Charlotte/Douglas International airport with a destination of Nashville.

Coincidentally, Charlotte International airport is located very close to the University of Charlotte. How close you may ask? 20 minutes

Their football program is, of course, led by coaching candidate Will Healy.

While this is all speculation and absolutely nothing concrete, it is all we have to go on at this point.

What’s the saying? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

I’ll let you finish the rest of that phrase.

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