Head Coaching Candidate: Jamey Chadwell

Commodore Nation has the opportunity to feel something (with regards to Vanderbilt’s football program) that fans seemingly haven’t felt in a while: hope. It’s coaching search season! A new beginning is on the way, with the potential for limitless opportunities, winning, and competition to return to West End. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the candidates rumored to have an interest in the job and who is being discussed as a possibility to become the CEO of Commodore football. First up? Jamey Chadwell.

Jamey Chadwell

The head coach of the successful Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, Coach Jamey Chadwell, is currently regarded as a rising candidate filled with energetic passion and offensive scheming capacities that could change the fortune of a reeling Vanderbilt football program. Coach Chadwell runs a spread-option system that utilizes misdirection, motion, and plenty of passing/running options. This kind of offense would utilize the offensive weapons Vanderbilt already has with talented pieces in WR Cam Johnson, WR Chris Pierce, WR Amir Abdur-Rahman, RB Keyon Henry-Brooks, RB Ja’veon Marlow, RB Re’Mahn Davis (Temple transfer), and TE Ben Bresnahan, among others. 

Some question whether QB Ken Seals would be able to run this offense, which has seen Coastal Carolina QB Grayson McCall become a very successful Quarterback on the ground and through the air. I firmly believe Ken Seals would THRIVE in a Chadwell spread-option offense geared towards Seals’ own strengths. Ken Seals has shown much more mobility than former great Commodore QB Kyle Shurmur possessed, leading me to believe Seals could be a legit threat as a dual-threat QB in a Jamey Chadwell system, ultimately allowing Seals to showcase his deep throw ability as the run-game opens up the offense. Vanderbilt also has a talented and fast backup in QB Mike Wright who could provide another option in the system.

In addition to having a very successful year which has set the college football landscape on fire (the Chanticleers are currently 10-0 and ranked 13th in the CFP Top 25), Coach Chadwell is revered by many (including by Commodore fans) for the energy and excitement he brings to his programs. Below is a short feature into what being a member of Coach Chadwell’s teams is like:

In addition to everything else Coach Chadwell brings to the table, he fits the description AD Candice Storey Lee put forth about what Vanderbilt is looking for in its next head coach: 

“Having said that, demonstrated ability to run a program (is important),” she said, and added that head coaching experience is something she’s interested in but not a deal-breaker. “Offensive-minded coach is something I’m interested in. Doesn’t mean that the head coach has to be an offensive coach, but staff will matter.”

It’s interesting to note that some of Coach Chadwell’s staff have followed Vanderbilt-related accounts,current players, and recruits on Twitter. He also grew up in East Tennessee. Will he be the next coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores? Time will tell.

Commodore Nation, what are your thoughts on Coach Jamey Chadwell?


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