Injury Update: Carter Young and Troy Laneve

The injuries keep piling up for the Vandyboys, especially over the last couple weeks. The pitching staff has already been decimated by injuries which include season-ending injures to Michael Doolin and Sam Hliboki, plus Miles Garret and Ethan Smith have been sidelined for quite a while. Unfortunately, the injuries continued this week at Hawkins field. This time harming the Vandyboys lineup.

Shortstop Carter Young went down early in the midweek contest against FIU with an apparent shoulder injury. The MRI showed little further damage to the left shoulder of Young and ended up sitting out last weekends three game set Vs Kentucky. Young’s status for the SEC tournament still remains questionable, but it is likely Coach Corbin will not push for Young’s return to avoid risk of further injury.

Young’s return seems more likely for the NCAA Regionals starting on June 4th. This would allow for the dynamic infielder over two weeks to recover from the shoulder dislocation.

Outfielder Troy LaNeve also went down in the series finale vs Kentucky on Saturday. After running for a fly ball out toward the green monster, it appeared LaNeve had his foot twisted awkwardly under the pads out in left field. LaNeve went to the ground in serious pain and eventually had to be helped off the field my teammates, putting very little weight on the foot/ankle. No update has been provided specially on LaNeve, but a source close to the team has provided some insight exclusively to The Dore Report:

On the severity of the LaNeve injury: “He is good.” On whether fans should expect to see LaNeve in Hoover: “Not sure on that yet, but there is a strong possibility.”

Thankfully for Vanderbilt fans, the severity of the foot injury to Troy LaNeve looks to be pretty mild and under control by all accounts. One thing is for sure, the Vandyboys need to get back to full strength by Regional play, and that is approaching quickly, beginning on Friday June 4th, at Hawkins Field.


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