What To Expect In Tomorrow Night’s Vandy/ETSU Matchup

Written by: Bryce Brown

  • First off plain and simple, win. Go out on the field, win the fans over, play with dominance, and do what you’re expected to do. Get the city of Nashville booming behind Vanderbilt football just like it was when James Franklin was dominating. Run the ball like you mean it. Run people over, juke them silly, and embarrass them. 

Ken Seals showing out 

  • Ken just won the starting QB job just this week, so he needs to go out there and prove he should be QB1. He had just under 2000 yards last year to go along with 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. We should expect him to pass well over 2000 yards, get a few more touchdowns and take care of the ball more. Can’t be having 10 interceptions with only 12 touchdowns. Seals put up pretty good numbers against good competition last year. 320 yards and 2 touchdowns vs No. 6 Florida, 336 yards against Mississippi State, and 320 yards and 2 touchdowns vs. a very solid Ole Miss team. In a new system that favors Seals, we should see his numbers rise this year and solidify himself as one of the better QB’s in the SEC. Seals should shine and get on a roll with tons of momentum Saturday against ETSU. 

Wide Receiver’s improving 

  • This one is really simple. Your OC and position coach trained and coached Devante Adams and Deandre Hopkins. Arguably the two best receivers in the NFL right now. The receivers were decent last year, but they have to be one of our best positions this year. No way around it. 5th year senior Chris Pierce seems to be our best receiver on the team right now, but guys like Will Sheppard, Cam Johnson, and Amir Abdur-Rahman are very, very solid guys. Look for this group to come out on top many times against ETSU’s secondary. Many times. 
Truman McDaniel/Hustler

Re’Mahn Davis being the workhorse 

  • Re’Mahn has been named the starter, and everyone saw it coming. He looked very solid in the spring game, and still looked better in practices. Look for him to take a lot of snaps and get a lot of yards almost every play. Expect him to have a very good game against ETSU. 

Defensive Improvement  

  • It doesn’t have to be much. Just get the ball rolling against these guys. The secondary doesn’t look lost on every single play like last year, and we get a decent pass rush. We need this defense to play with intensity just like Clark Leas defense at Notre dame. We wont match their talent, but we can match their heart and intensity. Look for this group to get the ball rolling early against ETSU. 
The Nashville Post

Offensive line improvement  

  • Last year was just atrocious. It was a patchwork offensive line, and a lot of that Vanderbilt couldn’t help. 2 big guys Cole Clemens and Bryce Bailey sat the season out due to Covid. But these guys are back this year, and Cole Clemens is starting at Left Guard this year. The O-line is much bigger, more experienced, and better coached this year. So watch for this group to open holes, pancake, and drive guys off the line on Saturday night. It should be a fun one to watch. 

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