Vanderbilt Football Class of 2022: WR

Wide Receiver (3)

Jayden McGowan

Twitter: @Jay3mg


Power 5 Offers

  • None

Other Offers

  • Army
  • Dartmouth
  • Georgia Southern
  • Harvard

Player Comparison: Darius Sims

Score (1-5): 3.5

From the bottom of my heart, I have no idea why Jayden McGowan doesn’t have more offers. I know the competition he is playing may be bad, and he may not be AS FAST as he looks on film, but speed is speed and McGowan has it to burn.

Just for comparison, we know Mike Wright is fast. I think some argued he may be the fastest guy on the team. Mike Wright was a state champion on the track, and his best times compared to Jayden McGowan

Mike Wright

100 meter = 10.87

200 meter = 21.82

Jayden McGowan

100 meter = 10.61

200 meter = 21.65

Watch the highlights and tell me he doesn’t look like a legit SEC athlete at the WR position, and…..

a punt/kick returner????

5′ 8″ 170, I don’t know if McGowan will ever make an impact as a down the field receiver, but I can see him being utilized as a “jack of all trades” playmaker similar to Darius Sims. Jet sweeps, screen passes, and most importantly punt and kick returns.

Something that has been missing from Vanderbilt football for a number of years now. Earl Bennett, DJ Moore, Warren Norman, Darius Sims, these guys changed the game on special teams. We all know the struggles this team has had on the offensive side of the ball since Kyle Shurmur’s departure following the 2018 season, but this struggling offense has not been helped by a complete lack of special teams production.

Good special teams is so important for a team like Vandy, winning the small battles. I’m not even talking about returning punts and kickoffs for touchdowns, I just want to see an occasional 15 yard return to set the offense up at the 50 as opposed to the 30 or 35 yard line. Cam Johnson was sure handed in the punt return game, and that is something I do not want to take for granted, but he did not provide any explosive plays, and this team didn’t even attempt to return kickoffs after the fumble early in the season during the UGA game.

McGowan has a chance to make an immediate impact as a Freshman if his speed translates and he is able to prove to the staff that he is sure handed.

TDR’s own Jacob Scholl (@ JacobScholl_) reached out to Jayden McGowan about his game and what Vanderbilt fans can expect from him on West End,

“I have 2 school record(s) in the 100 and the 200 meter for track, and I think that I have a lot more strengths at receiver than people think because I’ve been recruited … as a return guy because a lot of my film is (sc)reen passes and things like that.”

“I think I have really good routes and I’m impossible to press off the line and I create a lot of separation at the top of my routes.”

“I haven’t had much running back work but I believe that I’m really good at exploding through gaps and making the first person miss no matter what. I just need to work on my vision and patience in the backfield a little bit”

Daveon Walker

Twitter: @DaveonWalker_


Power 5 Offers

  • Maryland
  • Pittsburgh
  • West Virginia

Other Offers

  • Alabama St
  • Liberty
  • Western Kentucky

Player Comparison: Jonathan Krause

Score: 4

Verified 40 yard dash: 4.61

Barton Simmons, General Manager of Vanderbilt Football, went a step further when comparing Daveon Walker to Vanderbilt receivers of the past.

“Pinching myself that this guy is a Dore. All kinds of juice and explosiveness and one of the most productive players in a loaded state. The next great one here.

Jordan Matthews

Earl Bennett

Daveon Walker”

Everything you could want in a receiver. Size, speed, hands, I think Walker has a chance to be a great receiver in black and gold… but I’m not ready to compare him to the 2 greatest receivers in the history of Vandebrilt football and the 2 all-time SEC receptions leaders.

KD Hutchinson

Twitter: @hutchinson_kd


Power 5 Offers

  • Louisville
  • Boston College
  • Colorado
  • Washington State

Other Offers

  • Appalachian State
  • East Carolina
  • Georgia State
  • Liberty
  • Southern Miss
  • Tulane

Player Comparison: Brian Kimbrow (coming in as a recruit, running style and hopefully no fumble issues)

Score: 3.5

KD Hutchinson lined up both in the backfield and out wide at reciever. The 3-star product coming out of Hamilton, GA chose the Commodores over Louisville who was recruiting him pretty heavily.

Similar size and skillset to Jayden McGowan, explosive playmaking ability but undersized. A trend seems to be developing.

A focus on the traditional playmaking receiver of course (Daveon Walker), but a strong focus on undervalued speed on undersized players.

The strategy is there, the strategy makes sense. These 3 players may not be the most highly rated group, but they show the blueprint Clark Lea and Barton Simmons are trying to build on West End.


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