Tigers Dominate Vanderbilt in Game 1


Vanderbilt had a big game tonight against LSU. The game was gridlocked at 0-0 after the 1st. After that, it wasn’t close.

It was not the best night on the mound for the Commodores.

Devin Futrell lasted only 36 pitches and 1 full inning before being replaced by Patrick Reilly, who didn’t have his best stuff either.

The box score is above and I don’t need to spend the time on a full breakdown of the stats.

Tim Corbin summed up the game well with one sentence, “It was just an ass kicking.”

The road to a 1st round bye in the SEC Tournament just got much tougher as Vanderbilt (14-14) fell below LSU (15-13) in the standings.

Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas A&M locked in

Auburn is in the driver’s seat, their game scheduled for tonight against Kentucky was postponed.

Florida won their matchup against South Carolina tonight, moving to 14-14 in conference play; UGA lost to Missouri 11-3 in game 1.

First pitch of game two is at 6 o’ clock tomorrow night. A critical matchup for Vanderbilt’s SEC tournament and postseason seeding hopes.

Here’s Robbie Weinstein’s Article on 247Sports


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