Scholl’s 6 Pack: Wake Forest

For those non beer drinkers, you guys are in for a great six pack. Because we are starting with SHOTS!


If you guys listened to the pod, you would have heard Billy emphasize this as a key to the game. And he was exactly right. We have to take shots, but at the right time.

We know they have a porous run defense, and the strength of our offense is our rushing attack. They’re going to try to “over compensate” if we gain momentum in the run game. That’s when we go over top to Shep and McGowan. I want to see Mike Wright go for over 250 in the air, with Shep and McGowan going for 150 plus receiving.


Unlike me at the tailgate, our defense cannot over indulge.

The slow mesh can be exhausting on defenses and cause them to lose technique. We saw what our defense can look like when we lose technique (2nd half of Elon). Stay disciplined and know your job. We might not be able to stop their offense, but we sure can slow it down and give ourself a fighter’s chance.


Rocko Griffin is back. This is huge for our rushing attack. This allows us to share the load with 2 physical and experienced backs in Rocko and Ray Davis. Keep the legs fresh and expose their biggest weakness. (and Mike Wright is gonna take care of the rest)

🍺🍺🍺🍺 POP THE T.O.P

By T.O.P I mean Time of Possession. This is KEY to the game. I can almost guarantee if we lose time of possession, we lose the game. Our offense does need to take shots and they do need to hit the big plays. But at the right time.

We need long sustained drives to keep their offense off the field. If their offense isn’t on the field, they can’t score, and of course we need 7 instead of 3.


I told y’all this will be a common occurrence. This week it isnt even about winning the turnover battle, just don’t lose it. We can’t afford to have more turnovers than them. even if it’s a tie, I would call that a success on the game.


They have a lethal kick and punt returner in Taylor Morin. Dudes shifty, and we haven’t been the sharpest in kick/punt return. We cannot give up big kick returns. We can not give up unnecessary field position to this team.

Take a drink every time you question Joey Lynch’s playcall.


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