Episode 32 Recap: Adam Sparks Joins The Pod

The Dore Report is back with Episode 32, where the boys are joined by none other than Adam Sparks, Vanderbilt’s beat writer from The Tennessean. In this episode, there is a lot of football talk as Billy and Will discuss the 2020 schedule and the likelihood of a full season. When speaking of the scheduling,... Continue Reading →

Episode 31 Recap: THE BOYS ARE BACK

The boys are back!! Welcome back to episode 31 of The Dore Report where your hosts Billy Derrick and Will Byrum welcome you back by discussing the upcoming football season and the schedule outlook for Vandy. Derek Mason also shares some words on the upcoming football season via an audio clip from his twitter account.... Continue Reading →

Episode 30 Recap: Simon Gibbs Joins the Pod

Listen Here Episode 30 of The Dore Report is here and we have a really insightful and engaging perspective from Simon Gibbs, a Vanderbilt student and the sports editor at Vanderbilt Hustler, regarding the current state of Vanderbilt athletics. Before we get into that, our two hosts talk about the new commits joining Vandy nation.... Continue Reading →

Episode 29 Recap: Joe Toye Joins The Pod

On episode 29 of The Dore Report, Billy Derrick and Will Byrum discuss tweets that have been posted by Coach Mason, as well as several former Commodores, who have spoken up regarding the events in Minneapolis and other cities. On a brighter note, according to several sources, David Price will be paying $1,000 out of... Continue Reading →

Episode 26 Recap: Luke Kornet

Vanderbilt legend Luke Kornet joined the pod to discuss growing 7-inches in 2 years, AAU with Myles Turner, adjusting to the growth spurt, his career in Nashville, signing a two-way contract with the Knicks, and his impressions of Coach Stackhouse. On episode 26 of The Dore Report, Billy Derrick, joined by Jackson Tolk and Will... Continue Reading →

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