Source: “The entire offense is upset with Lynch’s play calling”

Woah. I have been very vocal about my opinion of this staff’s approach to the offensive side of the football. The gameplan week in, week out is predictable, complacent, unimaginative, and unsuccessful. My criticisms have remained consistent throughout the year: Predictable 1st and 2nd down play calling, especially early in gamesOvercomplicated scheme – K.I.S.S (Keep... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Coach Jerry Stackhouse

Coach Stackhouse, First off congratulations on your impressive victory over Mississippi State.  In what has been a challenging season, it was great to see you and your team enjoy some well-earned success. You have forgotten more basketball than I’ll ever know, so I certainly would never presume to tell you how to coach.  However, as... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Vanderbilt Athletics Hires Tommy McClelland and Dr. Kristene Kelly

Vanderbilt fans were greeted with positive news Monday morning as news broke about new hirings within the Vanderbilt athletic department. Tommy McClelland (formerly the athletic director at Louisiana Tech) and Dr. Kristene Kelly (former senior associate athletics director for varsity sports and senior woman administrator at Dartmouth before recent promotion to executive associate athletics director... Continue Reading →

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