Episode 29 Recap: Joe Toye Joins The Pod

On episode 29 of The Dore Report, Billy Derrick and Will Byrum discuss tweets that have been posted by Coach Mason, as well as several former Commodores, who have spoken up regarding the events in Minneapolis and other cities.

On a brighter note, according to several sources, David Price will be paying $1,000 out of his pocket, to each minor league player in the Dodgers system. As we all know, Price is arguably the best player in VandyBoys history. He decided to take matters into his own hands, like a true Vandy boy would do, and give back to those he loves.

That brings us to the question, what separates the VandyBoys from everyone else? Well, if you listened to episode 27 with Rhett Wiseman, he sums up everything a Vandy boy exemplifies. Playing under Tim Corbin is all about mental toughness, the grind, and giving back. They learn about changing the world for the better, because that’s the purpose of Vanderbilt University. The boys continue to separate themselves from the pack in a very positive way.

Continuing with more baseball news, Robert Hassell III, Vanderbilt’s top 2020 commit, has a big decision to make in the coming weeks. Will he sign a multi-million dollar contract with a pro team, or play for Coach Corbin in Nashville? The boys discuss in the first segment of the pod.

Finally what you’ve all been waiting for, we are joined by our guy Joe Toye, former Commodore shooting guard, who is well known for his poster against Mississippi State in 2018. Toye discusses the transition period with coaches during his time at Vanderbilt, as well as his views on Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance documentary.

In addition, Toye recalls his two most memorable games were against Wichita State and Northwestern in the NCAA Tournament.

“It was a blessing and a crazy experience that not everybody gets to partake in.”

Toye ends with discussing the impact that former athletic director, David Williams, had on his decision to come to Vanderbilt. He then applauds the hiring of Jerry Stackhouse and believes he will bring the magic back in Memorial.\



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