Vandy Receives Much-Needed Hoops Facility Upgrade

As was teased on Myles Stute’s Instagram story, the practice gym at Memorial Gymnasium has received some much needed upgrades.

Tony Jones and the folks at Jack Porter Inc. worked tirelessly to create a newly designed practice facility on West End. The gym upgrades include a new hardwood playing surface with updated designs, branded paint graphics, and environment-friendly LED lighting.

A press release on mentions the upgrades being apart of the $5 million donation from Vanderbilt Alumnus George B. Huber and his wife Cathy. The practice gym was built in 2002 and the upgrades took place this summer. 

Commodore fans should be encouraged by these upgrades but should continue to expect more for Vanderbilt’s student-athletes, as Memorial Gym’s hallowed halls are due for upgrades in fan areas, railings in the stands/balconies, a player lounge, air conditioning (including in the practice gym), and upgraded locker rooms. Those are only some of what’s needed for basketball. We all know what football needs and fans, media, and supporters will continue pleading with Vanderbilt to take action.

A video offers a closer look at the facilities.

These new digs should help Coach Stackhouse and Coach White attract high end recruits to West End. With Stack’s 2021 class ranked No. 1 in the SEC, the new developments should add to his recruiting momentum.


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