GAMEDAY: Stanford Preview

Start Off Strong

Against a team like Stanford if we start off slow and let up 14 in the first quarter we won’t come back from it. We need to carry our momentum into the first few drives of this game and pound them until they quit. Our goal here is to find out what works fast and stick with it and let it carry us to a victory.


We made adjustments in the second half and it worked great. Ken Seals actually had time to pass the ball and we got decent run blocking. We don’t know yet what the starting O-line will look like, but I hope to God it works like it did the second half. Lets hope Tyler Steen has a better game and will protect Kens blind side against way better talent.


I feel like im gonna say this every week, but get some damn pressure. We haven’t recorded a single sack and we still get ran on all game long. We have the talent and we have the coaching, just have to piece it all together.

Win as a team

One man can’t get us in this game like Chris Pierce did last game. He made amazing catches and really was moving the chains. Cam Johnson and Will Shepphard finally caught some passes and moved the chains. That was a huge sign. We need the rhythm to be on attack every play. Sideline has to be hype, and the coaches have to motivate.

Vandy doesn’t have the best chance to win and nobody thinks they will. But the faithful believes. Lets pack our stadium and be loud. #TakeBackDudley

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